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The Key to a Successful Interview

1. Do your homework. Find out about the company - who their clients are, what other offices they might have, what they do, etc. This knowledge will give you an initial level of confidence and demonstrate that you are aware of the company interviewing you.

2. Prepare for the inevitable question:”Tell me about yourself”. Begin by selecting your
academic qualifications for this particular job, add to it with relevant work experience and close by explaining your reasons for looking for a new job today.

3. Know your strengths. This is of paramount importance in an interview. It will be asked and your response will make or break your interview. And yet few people prepare for this and end up floundering for an answer. Give 2-3 key strengths and back them up with work related examples.

4. Know your weakness. Everyone has at least one. Know what it is and be able to illustrate how you can control it and turn it into a positive, ensuring that it does not affect your performance at work.

5. Listen. Don’t just wait to talk. Your full involvement in the interview process is crucial.

6. Prepare and ask smart questions during the interview. Doing so shows that you have researched the company, you have a high level of interest in the position and that you communicate well.

7. Personal Presentation. Appropriate business attire is a must even if the company itself tends towards casual - it shows respect for them and for yourself. Clean hair, nails and other elements of personal hygiene speak volumes about who you are.